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"Charley is wonderful - she makes sure that she takes the time to tune into you, your lifestyle and what's going on so that she can tailor her practice to what is going to work best. During the first consultation I felt that we explored every area that needed to be discussed about me and my life in a sensitive and supportive way which puts you at ease straight away. I was a little unsure at first whether acupuncture was right for me but it absolutely is and each time I leave feeling so much more relaxed and calm. If you are considering giving it a go yourself then do it... you won't regret it!"

- Adam D-P (Business Owner)

"Having had mixed experiences with 'dry needling' in the past from feeling light headed to nothing at all I didn't really know what to expect with Acupuncture.
Charley made me feel very much at ease, even when not feeling entirely comfortable around needles (which I didn't even feel go in!). She explained everything as she went along and I could instantly feel 'energy' moving in my legs after.
After I felt much more balanced and calm, a much different experience to the dry needling I'd had before. So far I have had two sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them, Charley is really amazing at what she does, I'm already looking forward to my next!"

-Michael G (Chiropractor)

"I had the pleasure of an Acupuncture and Cupping session with Charley Roux. I have a Chronic Whiplash Injury and it was really helpful. The muscles softened and the pain lessened greatly. Charley was delightful and professional, made me feel very cared for."

- Jude S (Carer)

"A blissful treatment that left me feeling physically calm, focused and centred in a life that runs at 100 miles an hour."

-Delaram AE (IT Student)

"I started seeing Charley for my allergies. A conventional approach and medication failed to help.

When Charley said that acupuncture may be able to help I was keen to try. From the first session not only did I see results but it was clear that Charley was both experienced and knowledgeable.

She was also very understanding and considerate, I was made to feel very comfortable.

I continue to receive acupuncture from Charley and would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone."

- Tom W (Chiropractor)

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