o t h e r    t r e a t m e n t s

Acupuncture treatments are so much more than just needles.


Chinese Medicine is made up of  various different methodologies, which can be implemented to help gain and maintain balance within the body.


These different tools can all be used alongside or instead of acupuncture needles during your treatments, depending on your presenting symptoms and your pulse & tongue diagnosis.  

m o x i b u s t i o n 

Moxibustion is a heat therapy technique using the Chinese herb mugwort (also known as Moxa) to warm and nourish an area, channel or specific acupuncture points. 

When the Moxa is lit, the heat permeates the skin affecting the energy and blood in the area.

Moxa can be used in different forms; a cigar like stick, small cones placed directly onto the skin, or rolls which sit on top of acupuncture needles.



c u p p i n g   t h e r a p y 

This is where suction cups are placed on the body, bringing the blood, energy and any toxins to the surface of the skin. 

Painless red or purple marks can often be left on the skin from the therapy. This is seen as a positive indication that movement and a clearing has occurred in the area. 

The cups can be left in one place or gently moved across the skin with the aid of massage oil. 


Cupping therapy is often very relaxing and its results likened to massage. 

g u a s h a 

Gua sha therapy works with the same principles as cupping therapy. Instead of using suction, a scraping action is applied to the skin using a gua sha tool (often made of Jade or Rose Quartz) to draw out toxins and bring blood and energy to the area. 

Like cupping, gua sha can also leave red or purple painless marks on the skin. This too, is a positive sign that movement of stagnation and a clearing has occurred.

In China, gua sha is often used on the back on the neck for the common cold. 

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