l o c a t i o n s  &  f e e s

The Practice Rooms

55 Queen Square 



Tuesday    10am - 7pm 

Thursday  10am - 7pm

Initial Consultation £65 

Follow Up Treatment £45


p a y m e n t   o p t i o n s

S T U D E N T S  15% off

Initial Consultation £55

Follow Up Treatment £38

B R I N G   A   F R I E N D

Students only

Joint treatments with multi bed set up

Both patients must have had an initial consultation £55

Follow Up Treatment £25 

P A C K A G E S 

6 Follow Up Treatments £240 (£40 per treatment)

12 Follow Up Treatments £450 (£37.5 per treatment) 

C A R D  &   C A S H   A C C E P T E D 

Charley is no longer accepting new patients in Oxford, but continues to see her regulars there every third Wednesday & Thursday of each month.

Please get in touch for recommendations of acupuncturists accepting new patients in Oxford. 

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