w h a t  d o e s  a  

t r e a t m e n t   i n v o l v e ?

w h a t   d o e s   i t   f e e l  

l i k e ? 

The needles are ultra fine and are usually painless on insertion. Once the needle has connected with your Qi (energy) you may feel a variety of sensations near the needle.


Some people describe this sensation as warm, pulling, tingley, achy or tugging. Others' can also feel this sensation away from the needle. Any sensation is understood to be a positive sign for treatment.


Each person’s experience will be slightly different.

Your first treatment will be an initial consultation, where a full case history and Eastern diagnosis will be made, completed by looking at your tongue and taking your pulses on both wrists.Your main complaint will, of course be the focus of the treatments, but do expect to answer questions about all aspects of your health, to ensure a truly holistic diagnosis and treatment. 

Treatments usually include a 10 - 15 minute catch up followed by  20 - 30 minutes of relaxation while the needles are left in. Sometimes needles are inserted at the end of the session, but taken straight out again.


Other treatments such as cupping therapy, gua sha or moxibustion may also take place. 

i s  i t   s a f e ?

Acupuncture has been practised safely and effectively for over 2,500 years in the East.


We practice clean needle technique and use high quality, ultra fine, sterile, single use acupuncture needles. Once a needle has been used it is immediately disposed of in a sharps box.

Charley Roux is a fully insured member of the British Acupuncture Council and acts entirely in accordance to the Code of Safe Practice and the Code of Professional Conduct.

This will vary for everyone. An improvement in symptoms is usually seen by the fourth - sixth treatment, but for some, improvements begin after just the first treatment. Treatments are advised once a week to begin with and as symptoms are relieved and the patient begins to feel better within themselves, appointments are spaced further apart.


All patients respond individually to treatment, therefore progress is always monitored and discussed throughout the course of treatments.

Most patients go on to have wellness treatments once a month or quarterly, during the season change. 

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